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The Fusion Cell

Jeremy calls in to the podcast daily from prison

Jen, a former police sergeant, & Jeremy, a former Green Beret, tackle current events through a Unconventional Warfare lens.

Jeremy is an FBI Whistleblower, and recorded the FBI asking him to be a Confidential Human Source. After he came out with the recording, the DOJ charged him with trespassing on the Capitol. He never entered the building. 

To the American people from a prisoner of war in the Globalist War Against America and the National Sovereignty of Independent Nations around the world:

My name is Jeremy Brown. I am a 20 year US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant that served this nation honorably. In October of 1992, I swore to an Almighty God that I would protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, Foreign and Domestic; This Constitution that codifies the Rights that God granted us at birth. I have upheld the Oath as a Ranger, Green Beret, Fire Fighter, Citizen, Business Owner, Coach, US Congressional Candidate and now as a Prisoner of War. 

I have been obligated to uphold this oath for 29 years and I have no intention of faltering now! In December of 2020, the very Government I served for 20 years and that entrusted me to hold a TOP SECRET/SCI Security Clearance attempted to recruit me to be a Confidential Informant for the FBIs JTTF.  I was asked if I would be willing to collect information (AKA spy) on law abiding American Citizens.  I refused, but I recorded the entire meeting.  In January 2021 I volunteered to be part of a Security Detail tasked with protecting speakers at the Jan 5th & 6th “Stop the Steal” Rally in DC. 

In the weeks that followed, it became clear to me why I had been recruited. It was the testimony of FBI Director Christopher Wray in front of Congress that made me realize I could not stay silent. On March 5th 2021, I went public with what I knew and my professional opinion about what happened January 6th as a 20 Year Special Forces Combat Veteran.  I knew that going public against a corrupt FBI narrative would put my safety and freedom, as well as the safety of my family and friends in jeopardy but if not me then who?? I have prepared for this day and this is God’s plan for me.  Liberty or Death! De Oppresso Libre, Rangers lead the way! MOLON LABE!

Family Man

I am a Retired Special Forced Combat Veteran and American who was born in Kentucky to a single Mom, raised in North Carolina by my World War II Veteran Grandfather, stationed across the country, deployed around the world and retired here in Tampa. I am a product of the American Dream.

My military awards and decorations pale in comparison to my greatest accomplishment and reward: my five intelligent, talented, and caring daughters. Since retirement I built a small business and a wonderful new life in Tampa with my girlfriend and partner of over eight years. It is my love for my family, the Tampa Bay community, Florida, and America that motivates me to continue the fight for the promises of our Forefathers: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Distinguished Military Career

I’ve served my community and country my entire life, from being a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT to a twenty-year military career serving in the US Army’s Elite Special Operations Community with the 1st Ranger Battalion, three different Special Forces Groups (1st, 7th, & 5th) and Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT). I’ve served in seventeen countries on five of the seven continents including numerous combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and “non-declared” combat environments and been awarded 2 Bronze Stars.

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How Can You Help?

There are many ways you can help fight for Jeremy. First and foremost, say a prayer for his health and for his freedom. But remember, Jeremy is fighting not just on his own behalf, but to preserve the constitutional rights of ALL Americans.

You can donate any amount of money to help fund this fight. No amount is too small. We understand times are tough, but even just $5 can go a long way. You can also share Jeremy’s story. Share this website. Post articles and videos on social media. Use the hashtag #FreeJeremyBrown on all of your posts.

Please get out and be seen. Attend flag waves. Organize rallies. Hand out flyers. Contact local and state politicians and make sure they are aware of all of the J6 political prisoners. Every little thing you do helps the fight for freedom. Keep fighting.

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Jeremy Brown Trust
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Donate to help the fight to defend all Americans Constitutional rights




Trust for Jeremy Brown
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